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Little reader Touch. iOS and Android app

  • See a dramatic expansion in your child's vocabulary

  • Improve your child's communication skills

  • Increase self-confidence in reading and communication

  • Create a deep bond between parent and child

  • Become your child's first and best teacher!

  • See a dramatic expansion in your child's vocabulary

  • Improve your child's communication skills

  • Help your child learn to read

  • Create a deep bond between parent and child

  • Become your child's first and best teacher!

Little reader Desktop

Little Musician Desktop

  • Nurture your child's interest in music

  • Help develop your child's innate musical talent

  • Give your child a solid foundation in music education

Little Math Desktop

  • Ideal for babies and young children

  • The most effective learning system for teaching your young child mathematic concepts

  • Revolutionary software system that delivers lessons in ways never before possible

  • Making learning engaging for your child and teaching easy for you


Working with KM.COMPANY, BrillKids launched four outstanding desktop and mobile solutions for kids and parents: Little Reader, Little Musician, Little Math and Little Reader touch for iOS and Android.

Little Reader Touch app for iPhone and Android deeply integrate with BrillKids internal database, delivering up to date content, helpful videos, images and more to users. As a result of their apps’ tremendously successful launch, BrillKids retained KM.COMPANY to develop iOS and Android versions of their apps as well. 

Today, BrillKids apps see over 1 million monthly active users and thousands monthly downloads. Beyond highly successful user retention rates, the BrillKids apps have gone on to receive numerous consumer healthcare awards, and are now available to users all over the world.